We believe that AI has the power to change the way we learn and we want YOU to show us how!

[UPDATE] The submission deadline has officially been extended by 24 hours to October 29th at 11:45 PM PST. This will be the final deadline, and we apologize for previous technical difficulties with late submissions. There is no penalty for late submissions.

While AI tools are more powerful than ever, it’s not immediately obvious how they can be used to enhance learning. Through this challenge, we want to create a repository of Use Cases that are easily accessible, demonstrating AI’s potential for education and delivering this potential to educators and students.

Show us how YOU have used existing AI tools in your learning, and get the chance to receive one of ten prizes of $500!

The AI Classroom Challenge is a student hackathon sponsored and administered by AI Consensus, a student organization at Minerva University. It is open to all postsecondary students and is designed to be completed individually, but you are free to participate in teams as well.



What Should Your Submission Include?

Identify a Use Case of an existing AI tool, then critically evaluate its impact on learning and justify or challenge its use. Use examples from your own learning and experiences.


This can be as simple as the prompts you use for ChatGPT or the way you integrate Elicit AI into your research workflow! It's not at all required to code or build anything new -- we want to hear how YOU use AI and your explanation of how it impacts your learning!


We care about your explanation and critique of a Use Case just as much as the Use Case itself. A successful submission might consist of a thorough breakdown of why a Use Case does NOT benefit learning!


1.  Use Case Title:

Name the Use Case


2. Description (50 words):

Provide a concise and comprehensive overview of the Use Case.

  • Describe the use case and name the AI tools involved.

  • Who is the target audience for the Use Case?

  • What problem does this solve for you?


3. Tutorial for Use and Best Practices:

Equip others with the knowledge to replicate and utilize your AI tool effectively.

  • Provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the AI tool.

  • Incorporate best practices where relevant.

  • Include extra resources (links to LLM conversations, screenshots, diagrams) to enhance understanding.


4. Impact on Learning:

Analyze the educational implications of the Use Case.

  • What specific aspect of your learning does this AI Use Case affect?

  • What would your learning look like without this?

  • What are the specific advantages of this Use Case compared to other ones?


5. Limitations and Ethical Considerations

Critique the Use Case and its drawbacks.

  • How and when might the Use Case be hindering learning?

  • What biases might be at play? 

  • How can you make sure of the validity of the AI-generated results?


Example Submissions:

AI Classroom Challenge: Example Submissions

A note about accessibility:

Some AI tools, such as GPT4 and Midjourney, exist largely behind a paywall, limiting their accessibility, particularly for low-income individuals. However, we understand that paid tools can allow for stronger Use Cases and therefore, highly encourage submissions to use free AI tools wherever possible, but will not prohibit or penalize submissions that use paid tools.

Also note that the strength of submissions will be judged on their creativity in leveraging existing technologies and the justification given, neither of which is limited by access to paid tools in the case of AI.


Awards and Judging

Winners of the AI Classroom Challenge will receive a cash prize of $500. 5 winners will be chosen by the community, and 5 will be chosen by a panel of judges, composed of industry experts.


What will happen to my submission after the challenge?

Submissions will be made public for anyone to see. This repository of Use Cases will contribute to making AI more accessible in Education and help improve learning.


Ready to Submit?

The AI Classroom Challenge is more than a competition; it's a movement to embrace the power of AI in education. Whether you're presenting what you already do or thinking outside the box to create novel solutions, we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,000 in prizes

AI in Education Innovation Award (Community) (5)

The 5 winners of this prize will be the top 5 voted use cases by the community.

AI in Education Innovation Award (Judges) (5)

The 5 winners of this prize will be decided by the judges, according to the below criteria.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


James Booth

James Booth
CEO, Co-Founder of Project Chiron

Roy Chua

Roy Chua
Founder and Principal at AvidThink

Aakash Alurkar

Aakash Alurkar
Senior Product Manager at Zoom

Abhay Paroha

Abhay Paroha
Software Engineer and Technology Leader at Schlumberger

Vansh Gehlot

Vansh Gehlot
President at CodeAsia, Co-Founder of Dragverse, Founder of MeTag

Abhinav Madahar

Abhinav Madahar
Software Engineer at academia.edu

Anil Rathi

Anil Rathi
CEO of Skild

AI Consensus

AI Consensus

Judging Criteria

  • Potential Impact
    Does the submission solve a tractable well-defined problem? How big an impact would this template make on learning?
  • Novelty
    How creative is this solution? Have people thought of similar ideas before?
  • Critical Evaluation
    Did the participant critically examine the Use Case and identify relevant weaknesses or harms?
  • Presentation
    How polished is the presentation and how well are the ideas communicated? Is the tutorial easy to follow and does the video explain everything clearly?

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